Configuration Articles

How to Simplify Expressive Configuration with Interop-Config

April 4, 2016

Want a simpler way to configure a Zend Expressive application? Want to simplify how it’s done, yet still be sufficiently expressive enough, that it’s easy to read and maintain? Then it’s time you got to know Interop-Config by Sandro Keil.

How To Simplify Zend Expressive Configuration with ConfigProviders

April 9, 2016

In any application there are a lot of moving parts, which can lead to a lot of complexity — especially when it comes to configuration. Given Zend Framework’s flexible nature, this can easily be the case — if we’re not careful — requiring a lot of supporting configuration. ConfigProvider classes, however, make managing application configuration very maintainable, even intuitive. This tutorial shows how to implement them.