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Command-Line Productivity Hack - ctrl+x+e

Command-Line Productivity Hack - ctrl+x+e

Thu, Nov 21, 2019

There are lots of tips, tricks, and ideas around for hacking your command-line productivity to make you more efficient. However, in this post, I’m not going to show you something that’s super in-depth, ultra-detailed, or talk about an app that you have to install, ctrl+x+e.

How to Set Up PHP Debugging with PhpStorm, Xdebug, and PHPUnit

Sun, Nov 3, 2019

Still using var_dump to debug your PHP code? Stop! While var_dump can be convenient, it’s a very blunt approach. In this article, I’ll show you how to set up proper debugging with PhpStorm, Xdebug, and PHPUnit, and give you a modern, sophisticated debugging experience.

Why Is My Website So Slow?!

Fri, Sep 27, 2019

Is your website (or web-based application) not performing like you expect it should? Not sure why or what to do about it? Then come learn about some key things you can do to have your website perform properly.

Antora 101: How to Create Redirects

Thu, May 30, 2019

Whenever you create online documentation, eventually, the structure needs to change; such as a name change, content restructure, or old content is removed. When these times come, it’s important to create redirects to avoid breaking user expectations. In this post, I’m going to step you through how to do so with Antora.

4 Git Command-Line Tips for Greater Productivity

Thu, May 23, 2019

Git, despite still being a bit terse, is extremely powerful version control software. However, because it’s so powerful, it takes time to learn. In this post, I’m going to show you four small techniques to help you use it more effectively.

How to Convert Markdown to AsciiDoc Using Pandoc

Thu, May 9, 2019

Markdown is one of the most ubiquitous file formats around at the moment for writing technical documentation — and it’s easy to see why! However, it may not be the choice long-term. When it’s time to change, you need to be able to migrate to a more feature-rich format. Come learn about the best tool for the job and how to use it.

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