Hire Me

I am available for hire for remote, freelance PHP software development work.

If can help you and your team with the following types of work:

Refactor Legacy Code

I can help you refactor your legacy PHP application(s). I can clean up code created by previous developers and contractors, update it to the latest version of PHP, and provide guidance on how to write better quality software.

Increase Test Coverage

If you current PHP application has no tests, I can assist you with the implementation of a modern, TDD-based software suite and build up coverage to a mutually agreed-upon minimum level. If your PHP application has a bare minimum of test, I can work with you and your team to increase test coverage.


I can help you with the design and development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), one that will help you test your idea and see if it is going to be viable.

Create and Update Technical Documentation

I can help you create excellent technical documentation for your application or web-based service and help your overhaul your existing documentation if you are reaching the limits of your current file format or platform. Additionally, I can give you guidance on how to restructure and update the content so that it has the greatest impact.


If you want to talk about hiring me for your project, please send an email to matthew@matthewsetter.com, and let’s start talking.