A little about me

I’m Matthew.

Nice to meet you! I’m a PHP security engineer and web developer, specialising in PHP and open source technologies. I’m originally from Queensland, Australia, but now living in Nuremberg, Germany.

Here’s the short version: I’m a web developer, Linux administrator, and all-round open source advocate. I’ve been developing web-based software since 1999, and have become quite good at it. I regularly share what I know — and what I’m continuing to learn about web development — on my blog, YouTube channel, podcast, and products. I’ve given talks at international conferences and user groups. I also hang out on Twitter. Come say hi!

A Little Bit About Me

The path that my web development career took happened almost by accident. I studied C and Java at university and loved the way that they worked, and imagined that that’s what I’d be doing till my career ended.

However, very early in my career, I was working for an engineering firm in a small town, and the boss asked if I knew anything about PHP and MySQL. I said that I’d not heard of PHP, but that I did had worked with MySQL. After that came: “Well, are you keen to learn them better — because no one else is!

I said “yes”, and then dove in and learned all I could about them. And with that, my life changed. Bear in mind that this was the time of PHP and MySQL 3.x.

Since then, it’s been a rich and rewarding journey of creating all manner of web-based software, primarily with PHP, in three countries: Australia, the United Kingdom, and (currently) Germany.

I never realised at the time that the decision I had just made would lead me to where I am today. Like many others, I saw a world of possibility open up the more I discovered and embraced open source.

I’ve had the good fortune to learn about and use a rich tapestry of tools and languages, including Docker, Python, Java, IPTables, Apache, NGINX, Fail2Ban, Snort, ELK, Bash and Zsh, Curl, and so many other fantastic tools.

So many options. So much freedom. So many possibilities!

When not creating software or talking about it, I love spending time with my wife and family, and trying to make the most of German weather. I miss the warmth of sunny Queensland, Australia.


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