Books & Courses

Here, you'll find a list of books and courses to help you rapidly grow your web development skills. They'll teach you how to deploy your applications with Docker Compose, how to use some of PHP's best web development frameworks, and how to do more with less code.


Deploy With Docker Compose

Are you tired of hearing how "simple" it is to deploy apps with Docker Compose, because your experience is more one of frustration? Have you read countless blog posts and forum threads that promised to teach you how to deploy apps with Docker Compose, only for one or more essential steps to be missing, outdated, or broken?

Some years back, I was in exactly this position. So, I decided to sit down and figure out the simplest approach to deploying apps with Docker Compose and then to document my findings. This free book and course are the result of what I learned.

What You'll Learn

  • Docker Compose's Essential Terminology
  • How to Build a Local Development Environment using Docker Compose
  • How to Perform Basic Docker Compose Debugging
  • Plus more!
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Mezzio Essentials

Mezzio Essentials teaches the fundamentals of PHP’s leading development framework, the fundamentals that you need to know so that you can begin building applications right away. It’s a practical, hands-on approach which shows you enough of how Mezzio is put together as well as how to use it, while not getting lost in things that aren’t generally necessary.

What You'll Learn

  • Mezzio’s Central Concepts
  • Mezzio’s Core Components
  • How to Create an Application Manually
  • How to Create an Application Using the Skeleton Installer
  • Make Use of The Code From the Manual Build
  • How to Increase Your Application’s Power
  • How to Organize Middleware
  • Plus lots more!
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Zend Framework 2 - Foundations

Want to get started the right way with Zend Framework 2? This book gives you the best start by focusing on the key information you need to know. From views, controllers, actions, modules, and configuration, to the key patterns which underpin Zend Framework 2. This book gets you off to the right start, with a tight focus on what you need to know, packed with best-practices and hands-on tips.

What You'll Learn

  • The framework's core fundamentals.
  • Core Patterns including: Factory, MVC, Observer/Subscriber, & Inversion of Control.
  • Core Concepts including: ModuleManager,EventsManager, ServiceManager, & Dependency Injection.
  • Modules, Routing, Configuration, Controllers & Actions, & Testing.
  • Plus more!
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Mezzio: Get Started

Length: 2 hours, 46 minutes / Level: Beginner

Getting up and running with PHP’s Mezzio framework doesn’t need to be a daunting task. In this course, Mezzio: Getting Started, you’ll learn how to build applications using the Mezzio framework for PHP. First, you’ll get set up and ready to go with the tools that you need. Next, you’ll get an overview of the framework’s core concepts and components. Finally, you’ll learn how to build an increasingly sophisticated application using the framework. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of the Mezzio framework needed to build powerful and robust web-based applications.

What You'll Learn

  • An overview of the framework’s core concepts and components.
  • How to build an increasingly sophisticated application using the framework.
  • The skills and knowledge of the Mezzio framework needed to build powerful and robust web-based applications
  • Plus more!
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Zend Db Deep Dive

Length: 2 hours, 4 minutes / Level: Intermediate

SQL is an essential skill in developing modern web applications. This course will teach you how to generate SQL for manipulating schemas and extracting data in an object-oriented, nearly hassle-free manner using the Zend\Db library.

What the Course Includes:

  • An introduction to Zend/Db
  • A SQL refresher
  • How to make database connections
  • How to make record manipulation simpler and more robust by using RowGateway and TableGateway
  • How to run existing, handwritten SQL queries
  • How to create easily maintainable and reusable code
  • Plus more!
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Build a Static Site Generator Using SPL Iterators

Length: 26 minutes / Level: Intermediate

In PHP, we’re all familiar with the foreach, for, do-while, and while looping constructs, which help us quickly and easily iterate over data structures in our applications. But did you know that they’re just the tip of the iceberg, and that you can use these constructs in a much more powerful way?

In this short course, you'll:

  • Get an introduction to SPL iterators.
  • Learn how to create iterator classes which allow you to use the looping constructs to iterate over your data in a more powerful, more flexible, and more elegant way than you’ve done before.
  • Build a simple static site generator which reads markdown from a filesystem directory listing and creates hydrated value objects which model the data they contain.
  • Plus more!
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