Deployment Articles

How to Go From Development to Deployment with Docker

April 31, 2017

Want to know how to both containerise an application AND deploy it to a production environment? In this mammoth tutorial, I’ll show you all the steps involved, and provide background information along the way, so you can build on what you’ll learn.

Ship-It - Even if it Sucks!

April 23, 2012

Whether it’s The Cloud, Mobile Development, HTML5, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Search, Big Data, Queuing or more, we know there’s a wealth of possibility of what we can do. But we then seem to combine that with a misplaced, seemingly schizophrenic, need to be able to do it all and then not ship it until it’s perfect Today we discuss the Ship-It! attitude

Beginning cloud development with cloudControl – Part 3 – MongoDB

April 2, 2012

<p>Here we are at part three of the beginning cloud development with cloudControl series and in this part, we’re adding <strong>mongoDB support</strong>. In <a href="" title="Beginning cloud development with cloudControl">part one of the series</a>, we laid the foundation for the application and got up to speed with what cloudControl is, why it works and how to get started using it.</p> <p>Then <a href="" title="Beginning cloud development with cloudControl – Part 2 – MySQL">in part two</a>, we started to flesh out the application that we started building in part one and added MySQL support to it. We showed how to work with cloudControl to manage the key requirements, such as enabling MySQL support, connecting to the MySQL database and keeping the database up to date from a maintenance perspective (creating the database schema and loading data in to the database).</p> <p>In this, the third part of the series, we’re replacing MySQL that we introduced in part two with mongoDB support.</p>