What Is a Professional PHP Freelancer?

What is a Professional PHP Freelancer? It’s a tough question, but deserves asking. Today we have a series of questions to help you determine if you are.

What is a professional PHP freelancer?

image courtesy of Kate B. Harding

Today, it won’t be long, but rather straight to the point with a simple question:

  • Is it looking the part with fancy clothes, a flash website and fancy business cards?
  • Is it having all the right processes, procedures and business structures in place?
  • Is it how you present yourself?
  • Is it your business correspondence, such as letterhead, email signatures and so on?
  • Is it how you handle yourself, your employees, your sub-contractors when things are going wrong - as well as when they’re going right?
  • Is it your professional approach?
  • Is it that you always send legal contracts when your project proposals?
  • Is it use of professional finance management software?
  • Is it how you deal with an unprofessional client?
  • Is it the number of hours you put in to your business (or that you don’t work yourself to death)?
  • Is it how you reward your best clients?
  • Is it the number of skills and level of knowledge you have?
  • Is it the number of conferences you attend yearly?
  • Is it your involvement in the local user groups?
  • Is it your involvement in the local community?
  • Is it your contribution to Open Source projects?
  • Is it your source code on Github?
  • Is it your blog?
  • Is it the current new skill, hot trend or topic that your learning all about?
  • Is it your thoughtfulness and consideration towards younger developers?

In your opinion, what is a professional PHP freelancer to you? And are you it? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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