Continuous Deployment Articles

How to Go From Development to Deployment with Docker

April 31, 2017

Want to know how to both containerise an application AND deploy it to a production environment? In this mammoth tutorial, I’ll show you all the steps involved, and provide background information along the way, so you can build on what you’ll learn.

How to Build a Docker Test Environment

April 27, 2016

Docker makes it easy to build local development environments. But, what about being able to build test environments and run acceptance, unit, functional, and other types of tests? In this, the second part of the developing with Docker series, I’ll show you how to implement testing using PHPUnit and Codeception in the configuration which we’ve built.

How To Build a Local Development Environment Using Docker

April 29, 2016

Building a local development environment which mirrors production hasn’t, historically, been an easy task. But with Docker, it’s become, virtually, trivial. Come learn how to setup a local development environment using Docker for developing Zend Expressive (and other PHP) applications.