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Zend ServiceManager - Web Application Development Simplified

April 30, 2013

The Zend ServiceManager simplifies the web application development process by making configuration a breeze. In this, the 4th post introducing Zend Framework 2, you will learn what the ServiceManager is how to use it and how it simplifies applicaiton development time.

Why Kohana is an Excellent Alternative to Zend Framework

April 20, 2012

As you know from reading Malt Blue, I’m rather a Zend Framework fan. Whether it’s the controller plugins, easily adding RSS feeds to applications, configuration with Zend Config or more – I really believe it’s one of the best PHP framework choices. But well, it’s a bit heavyweight. Enter Kohana!

11 Reasons Why a PHP Framework is Better Than Raw PHP

April 27, 2011

After stating our 11 Reasons Why A PHPFramework is better than Raw PHP, here’s 11 Reasons Why A PHPFramework is better than Raw PHP It, often, has a solid community of professionals developing and supporting it It’s, often, coded to an exacting, mature, coding standard It has a solid development history, reviewed by many eyes It has defined methods of doing repetitive things quickly and simply You’re not on your own and call fall back on people for support It’s, often, simple to link in with existing 3rd party libraries – quickly and easily You’re working within clear constraints and development concepts You can bring in developers already experienced with using and deploying it There are tried and true practices for deploying it There are tried and true practices for testing it Frameworks carry brand and industry recognition What do you think?

11 Reasons Why Raw PHP is Better Than a framework

April 20, 2011

Here’s My 11 Reasons Why Raw PHPis better than a Framework It’s faster as it doesn’t have the framework library overhead It can be cleaner, lacking legacy cruft You can craft it exactly as you want it You’re not bound by someone else’s rules or concepts You can add in as many or as few 3rd party libraries as you choose You can write to your own standard It is portable You can license it as you choose You set the standard by which it is judged You build the philosophy of the project The work is all yours to live or die by What do you think?