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Vim - The Distraction Free Editor

Vim - The Distraction Free Editor

April 20, 2017

A little while ago, I took to Twitter in a sense of jubilant excitement announcing that VIM was THE distraction-free editor. As it’s been quite some time since, I honestly don’t remember exactly what it was that motivated me to do so.

Make Module Configs Cacheable with the ZF2 Factory Interface

April 6, 2014

<p>For the longest time, I’ve been using closures in my Zend Framework 2 Modules <code class="minimalist">Module</code> class. I know they’re not always the best approach, but they’re not necessarily wrong either.</p> <p>But after <a href="">reviewing Gary Hockin’s recent talk</a> at <acronym title="Pre-Hypertext Processing">PHP</acronym> Conference UK, I was reminded that outside of APC and OPCache, <strong>closures aren’t cacheable</strong>.</p>

Gary Hockin's Maximising Zend Framework 2 Performance Talk (Review)

April 27, 2014

<p>Over the weekend, I was fortunate enough to be at this year’s <a title="PHP Uk Conference 2014" href="" target="_blank"><acronym title="Pre-Hypertext Processing">PHP</acronym> UK Conference</a>, in London. One of the highlights for me, as a Zend Framework developer and evangelist, was Gary Hockin’s talk on <a href="" title="Maximising Zend Framework 2 Performance">maximising Zend Framework 2 performance</a>.</p> <p>Whether you’re new to Zend Framework 2, or an old hand (<em>can someone really say they’re an old hand after such a short period of time?</em>) the talk covered a range of tools, tips, and techniques for increasing application performance.</p>