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Create Modules and Middleware with Command-Line Tooling Support

April 31, 2017

For the longest time, Zend Framework hasn’t had the strongest support for command-line tooling and scaffolding. However, in recent times, that’s all changed. Come find out how to use Expressive’s new tooling support to create modules and middleware rapidly.

Render Tables the Easy Way in Zend Framework 2

April 27, 2015

HTML Tables, once used heavily for almost everything, have largely been relegated in the modern CSS/HTML5 world. Now they are only used for what they were originally designed for — rendering tabular data. So they’re still essential! But there’s a lot to them, if you want to use them properly. So there needs to be a way of rendering them easily and quickly. Today’s tutorial introduces a module which helps you do just that.

Make Module Configs Cacheable with the ZF2 Factory Interface

April 6, 2014

<p>For the longest time, I’ve been using closures in my Zend Framework 2 Modules <code class="minimalist">Module</code> class. I know they’re not always the best approach, but they’re not necessarily wrong either.</p> <p>But after <a href="">reviewing Gary Hockin’s recent talk</a> at <acronym title="Pre-Hypertext Processing">PHP</acronym> Conference UK, I was reminded that outside of APC and OPCache, <strong>closures aren’t cacheable</strong>.</p>

Zend Framework 2 Modules - The Application's Heart

April 2, 2013

<p><a href=""><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-12064" title="Zend Framework 2 Modules - The Application's Heart " src="" alt="Zend Framework 2 Modules - The Application's Heart" width="600" height="200" /></a></p> <div class="author-box"> <ul> <li> <a href="" title="Zend Framework 2 Core Concepts – Dependency Injection">Part 1 - Zend Framework 2 Core Concepts – Dependency Injection</a> </li> <li> <a href="" title="Zend Framework 2 Event Manager – A Gentle Introduction">Part 3 - Zend Framework 2 Event Manager – A Gentle Introduction</a> </li> <li> <a href="" title="Zend Framework 2 ServiceManager – Web Application Development Simplified">Part 4 - Zend Framework 2 ServiceManager – Web Application Development Simplified</a> </li> </ul> </div> <blockquote> <p>If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.</p> </blockquote> <p>It’s a really exciting time at the moment with Zend Framework 2 gaining so much traction, after being stable for some time now.</p> <p>Though I and countless others really enjoyed the 1.x series, it did leave some things to be desired - to be fair.</p> <p>But the more I explore of the 2.x series, the more I honestly can say that I’m very impressed with it. It may not be as fast as the previous series, but with respect to development, there’s so much going for it it’s worth shouting about.</p> <p>So it really is rewarding and exciting to begin covering all that it has to offer us. In <a href="">part one of this series</a>, I looked at a central concept of the revised framework - <strong>Dependency Injection</strong>.</p>