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How Do You Start In The Tech Sector?

How Do You Start In The Tech Sector?

April 9, 2018

The tech sector, if you know what you’re doing, is easier than most fields to get started in. However, you do have to know what you’re doing. In this post, I’m going to step through a series of ways to get started, in case you’re not sure.

How To Protect Against Brute Force Logins With Fail2Ban

How To Protect Against Brute Force Logins With Fail2Ban

April 6, 2017

One of the most common attack vectors against servers is bruteforce login attempts. This is where attackers attempt to access your server, by trying endless combinations of usernames and passwords. So how do you defend yourself against this kind of attack?

How to Build a Docker Test Environment

April 27, 2016

Docker makes it easy to build local development environments. But, what about being able to build test environments and run acceptance, unit, functional, and other types of tests? In this, the second part of the developing with Docker series, I’ll show you how to implement testing using PHPUnit and Codeception in the configuration which we’ve built.

Whoops, I Forgot The Error Handler

April 20, 2016

Ever experienced HTTP 500’s, but found that your error logs are empty. Ever had no clue why or how this could be happening? Perhaps you forgot to enable the Whoops error handler.

How To Build a Local Development Environment Using Docker

April 29, 2016

Building a local development environment which mirrors production hasn’t, historically, been an easy task. But with Docker, it’s become, virtually, trivial. Come learn how to setup a local development environment using Docker for developing Zend Expressive (and other PHP) applications.