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How To Translate Content With The Translate ViewHelper

April 3, 2014

You want to make your site available in a wide array of different languages, well, at least 2 — how do you do it? Zend Framework provides Internationalisation (I18N) support and the translate viewHelper to handle this for you quickly and simply. In today’s post, we step through how to set up translations and use them in view templates.

Do you i18n?

April 5, 2010

<p>What’s your attitude to <strong>i18n</strong>? Are you not quite sure what i18n is? Well, according to <!-- raw HTML omitted -->Wikipedia<!-- raw HTML omitted -->, it’s:</p> <blockquote> <p><strong>Internationalization</strong> is the process of designing a software application so that it can be adapted to various languages and regions without engineering changes. <strong>Localization</strong> is the process of adapting internationalized software for a specific region or language by adding <a href="/wiki/Locale" title="Locale">locale</a>-specific components and translating text.</p> </blockquote>