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Extending Zend Auth - A Zend Config Adapter

April 23, 2011

<p>So in <a href="http://www.maltblue.com/2011/06/tutorial/extending-zend-auth-a-test-adapter" title="Extending Zend Auth – A Test Adapter">the last installment</a> of this series, I provided an introduction to <em>Zend_Auth</em>, <em>Zend_Auth_Adapter_Interface</em> and Zend_Auth_Result and how to implement Zend_Auth_Adapter_Interface to implement a basic test adapter that can be used as a mock object in your testing.</p> <p>If you missed it, check it out now, then come back and we’ll continue on. If you’ve already read it, then let’s continue now.</p> <p>As I indicated last time, whilst being a perfectly valid implementation, the Test adapter was rather basic and didn’t do very much. Like all good testing, you need flexibility and options. So in this installment, we’re going to build an adapter based around Zend_Config. This will lead quite nicely in to the last part in the series which uses the wonderful MongoDB as the underlying resource for the adapter.</p>