Technical Writing

You want greater exposure for your business, your application, and your service, right?

But putting in to words, exactly, what you offer and how it will benefit developers isn’t easy. Hey, technical people are a tough crowd. And researching and writing technical content takes time; sometimes, lots of time. As a developer for the last 15 years, I should know.

What’s the reaction from your technical team like? Perhaps they’re like most and either don’t have the desire to write, or just plain avoid it, because it’s not they’re one true passion. If this sounds like your daily routine - I’m here to help!

You see, I’ve been a developer since 1999 and have worked on all kinds of software, from Visual Basic and Microsoft Access, to large Oracle installations. I’ve been on teams building web-based applications, both large and small, in Australia, England, and Germany.

Yep, it can happen, you can find a technical person who loves to communicate, who loves the written word, and who’s got a lot of experience, alongside an enormous passion for doing it. It’s what I live and breathe.

Don’t Take My Word For It

We’ve been collaborating with Matthew over the last year and we’re extremely happy with the results. He embodies the rare combination of some great skills: being an excellent wordsmith and story teller, while having a thoroughly technical understanding for the latest advances in the world of web development. If you have the chance to work with him do it! - Florian Dorfbauer, CEO at Usersnap

In short, if you need any of the following things, I can take your stress away:

I’m confident of producing content which will inform, engage, and educate, content you’ll be proud to have, content which will convert. That way, you can get back to your business and not have to worry about the content.

Let’s Team Up

I love technical writing, but I know it’s not for everyone. You want to focus on those things you do that have a direct impact on your business’ revenue. So shoot me an email with what you need and I’ll have you covered.