Web Application Development

Software is the ultimate tool which we have today. It should empower us, help us do more, be more, create more, achieve more. It should never be a burden.

Do you need an extra developer to help out on short notice, for a short period, on your existing application? Do you need a developer with a lot of experience, who can get started right away? Do you need an application created, one which actually does what your requirements say?

It’s a tough thing at times, when you need an application developed, an extension made to an existing application, or someone to take over maintenance of your existing software.

Where do you turn?

Who do you turn to?

I’ve been developing software professionally for over 15 years with experience in a diverse range of technologies, including PHP, Zend Framework 2, MySQL and JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, Linux Administration and more.

It all started with an Apple IIc back in my parent’s spare room. Fast forward some years later to a chance encounter with PHP and MySQL for a new client of my first employer, and it’s been a journey through the wonderful world of software development ever since.

That’s what I love about it. That’s what I want from each app I create or contribute to. I’m confident I can help you both meet and exceed your software needs.

Don’t take my word for it

It was a pleasure working with Matt; he has an excellent development skill set, and more importantly is always learning and improving. He is one of those rare technical people who are truly professional - in his deameanour, his approach to executing his work, and his clear and timely communication. A very focused PHP and general web developer who works to a high standard, and someone who I would be very happy to work with again. Ian Barber - Developer Programs Engineer at Google

Here’s What I Can Do For You:

Let’s Team Up

I love to design and create software. But I know it’s not for everyone. You want to focus on those things you do that have a direct impact on your business’ revenue. So shoot me an email with what you need and I’ll have you covered.