Free the Geek Episode 33 with Matt Stauffer Is Live!

Just wanted to let you know that episode 33, with the wonderful Matt Stauffer from Tighten is live! He was a wonderful guest who shared so much value with me. Come find out more.

Hey! I wanted to let you know that episode #33 of Free the Geek is live! In this episode, I talk with Matt Stauffer one of the luminaries in the Laravel community. We talked about so many things, but the highlights were:

  • How he started Tighten
  • How he got into Laravel
  • Why he’s such an active member of the Laravel community; and
  • What he looks for when hiring developers

Matt shared a load of excellent advice that you can start using today in your career. If you’ve not already had a listen, you can do so via the embedded player below. Alternatively, you can subscribe in your podcast player of choice.

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